Paris on Time



Remontant Press collaboration with Mari Amman. Limited Edition pre-orders are now open. A closing date on orders will follow. That means the window of opportunity to make this cheeky take on Time silkscreen printed with ink black plastisol on ivory ring-spun fabric runs a bit like mortality. Stand around or hop on it! The choice is yours.

The original analogue film exposure from Musée d'Orsay was made in Spring 2023 during her Paris poetry residency. This is the first collaboration between Mari Amman and Remontant Press. The photograph is silk-screened with ink black plastisol onto a Comfort Colors ivory ring-spun, regular fit tee. A wardrobe essential for those who appreciate bespoke design wearing in sweetly over time.

Shipping and tax is included in the $80 purchasing fee. (yeah things add up fast, that’s why this shirt is made to last).

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Hot Tip: You will need shoes and a shirt most places to get service. Be spoken of in only the best tones and get yourself and those you love covered in a limited edition shirt. Share the vision of witnessing the beauty of life, behind the time that never ends.

Bonus: Your $80 Pre-Order Ltd. Ed. T unlocks the Paid Gate to an annual La Lapin subscription for a year, a $70 value. Your care and attention to correctly spelling your name, address and shirt request (S, M, L, XL, XXL) is deeply appreciated to ensure things go smooth. These fees contribute to creatives continue to grow global cultural work dedicated to looking at life through love eyes and heart-handed appreciation instead of dehumanizing sado-social-media superficiality with empty transactionality.

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The original, actually on film. Those registration marks are real too. The truth. Snap. The whole truth and nothing but the truth: Airport security hassle: wind up! Hauling brass around Paris in the rain: click! of an actual shutter and material imprint of dark/light, viola! traveling imprint through space time in a little plastic tube and making it through a chemistry bath: pure joy. The miracle of photography! Darkroom + scanning made easier by skipping breakfast/lunch and the sweethearts at Oslo Foto AS (not paid to say that), P.S. fasting is actually healthy….who knew?

Details: The listed price accommodates US and EU buyers, inclusive of tax and shipping fees. Orders outside of the US and EU can be accommodated with a little extra communication. Please note buyers are responsible for VAT fees. Please be patient with us as we work to accommodate each order. Your support is genuinely appreciated as we work together to preserve the heart of humanity one endless day after another. Giving a damn is pretty cool, even if you’re not a beaver! If you have any questions or concerns reach right out to