What is Le Lapin?

Le Lapin publishes the pursuit for truth, in a preserve for understanding. Through the lens of curiosity and wonder, the guiding questions here are: How do places make people? Can idiosyncratic observations and subjective stories lead to universal insights? How can humans align with the eloquent, complexity of nature?

The Art of Advice on ChicagoNow and WGN radio, was the gateway to publishing. The initial format was embarrassingly naïve, so I dug into somatic training, developed Yoto, artistic research, and social psychology to inform Pattern Recognition and Aesthetic Resonances.

While Le Lapin echos some of The Art of Advice’s naïveté, retrospectively a devotion to finding ways of accepting and learning from life, the middle way found here is aimed for balanced instead of a utopian highway to hell. My intention is to guide remembrance and insight, to realise the beauty on earth.

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Å in Lofoten, Norway, a recontrer of all that is: heaven, salt, water, land.

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Thinking about what to write next, the future, the sunset...

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A Deeper Dive

Le Lapin embraces challenges inviting growth.

Now, time for a hike….

Photo: Rachel Wolfe, Kjerringøy, Norway

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A reserve for understanding.


Mari Amman

Mari is an international artist. Her musical essence animates afferent works of art inspiring deep emotions of beauty. "You can find gold anywhere." — Mari Amman